For the gamblers to play and pay is very essential in order to enjoy what they do. Apple is on the right track in the world of online casinos as iOS users can now use Apple Pay to transact money in casinos. Popular amongst users due to its authentic and secure service. Apple Pay is now accepted in almost every casino as a mode of payment.

Casino experiences are always thrilling and exciting no matter where you play it, and when you have a safe and secure mode of payment where you don’t have to worry about money being fraudulent, your experience is all the more enhanced.

Apple Inc. has brought in a game changing app established in 2014, allowing users to store their card details in the form of an e-wallet in order to help them make quick and easy payments contactless and securely. 

Some of the NZ Casino brands and sites where APPLE PAY is accepted as MOP

Slots Palace

100% up to $750
Minimum deposit: $10

Established in 2015, Slots Palace serves you good casino service. Slots Palace offers its gambling option in 7 different languages and accepts more than 10+ currencies for transactions for the players. Amongst its wide range of modes of payment, Slots Palace aids very well to iOS users around the world as Apple Pay is also one among the many payments accepted for money transactions.

Spin Fever

100% up to $500 + 50 free spins
Minimum deposit: $20

Though Spin Fever is new in the game, as it was launched in 2023. However, Spin Fever is already making its mark in the casino market with over 3000+ casino games. The bonuses are almost unlimited even though it is a new launch. In Spin Fever there are many payment methods, the most popular are payID and Apple Pay, on many review sites this provider is at the top of the list of best PayID casinos.


100% up to $500 + 100 free spins
Minimum deposit: $10

With over 3000+ games and a good number of welcome bonuses, STAY Casino is in it to win the crowd’s favorite casino site ever since its establishment in 2021. The birthday bonuses for its players are one of the attractions Stay Casino offers for spectacular and exciting experiences for its members.


100% up to $450 + 100 free spins
Minimum deposit: $20

The best casino site where you can play with real money and cryptocurrency without any glitches. Zoome Casino has wide payment methods available, is mentioned in the online casino DashTickets banking options page as a top brand, and provides rich players engagement, from welcome bonuses to weekly bonuses. It was established in 2022 and has served the players well ever since. Zoome Casino has over 3000+ slots and games you can pick and choose from.


  • Deposits using Apple Pay are easy and instant.
  • Transactions are secured while using Apple Pay.
  • The Apple Pay app is widely used and accepted.

Cons of Apple Pay

  • Limited only iOS devices.
  • Not all the casinos accept Apple Pay as their mode of payment.

Reviews Apple Pay in New Zealand

For anything to be well known and favorited, the reviews by people and companies around the world are the easiest to look up to. Apple Pay has been rising in its popularity in DB Sustainability casinos, both offline and online.

If you look up reviews on Reddit, you will find gazillions of it there, which will definitely help you in your search to know more about Apple Pay before you choose to hook yourself up with it.

First thing first, however, you need an Apple device, as Apple Pay works only on iOS devices. The limitation of Apple Pay besides iOS devices is a setback of the app.

However, here are some facts and legit reviews on Apple Pay:

  1. You will get a solid 4.5-star rating for the app. So, it is safe to say you can easily go for it.
  2. “Easy to Use” is the best review you will find whenever you look for Apple Pay reviews. 
  3. Customer Support system while using Apple Pay is the primary goal of the company. So, there is hardly any glitch and error for the Apple Pay App users.
  4. Seamless and wireless payment is replacing hardcopy credit and debit cards as well as cash.
  5. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and Apple Inc. have made payments even more efficient by making payments just one tap at a time. Contactless payment has never been made this easy.

 How deposits are made using Apple Pay in Casinos

With the need to provide apple users with the best customer support and services. Apple has once again accomplished the primary goal of providing the best service with the establishment of the Apple Pay app in 2014.

Transactions are done effortlessly without having to carry debit and credit cards. Easily introducing the users to go cashless and easy.

However, you need to make sure DB Sustainability casino you are gambling in accepts the Apple Pay mode of payment, as the casino is an industry where Apple Pay isn’t entirely accepted everywhere.

After checking the acceptance of this particular mode of payment, you will need to authenticate the Apple Pay using your fingerprint or face ID as you do with Apple devices. The deposits are easy and instant while using Apple Pay as your mode of payment in casinos as long as the casino accepts this mode of payment.

Apple Pay, how does it work?

Setting up Apple Pay is very easy and simple. You need to own an Apple device to use Apple Pay, as it is only limited to iOS. Afterward, you need to set up and link your credit or debit card to the e-wallet app by manually entering the details or simply taking a picture. And now, you’re good to go to use the app to make your next transactions seamlessly and effortlessly.

As the customer security is the primary goal of Apple Inc., the details of your debit and credit cards are never transmitted in the process of payments. All you need while making your payments is your passcode, finger print or facial recognition ID, and then the payment is instantly made.

Apple Pay Casinos in New Zealand

Although limited only to iOS devices, the e-wallet is rising in its popularity, and with that, many casinos are also joining the bandwagon to accept this mode of payment designed by Apple for its users.

Apple imposes no fees; therefore, it is all the more attractive to make the users want to keep using Apple Pay in Casinos as long as the casino accepts Apple Pay. Apple Pay also allows you to claim the welcome bonuses as well as experience the online slots effortlessly and easily. As depositing using the Apple Pay app is fast and instant, it will allow you to jump from one game and slot to the next without interruptions and glitches.

Using the Apple Pay app really elevates and expands your experience and thrill while playing casinos online and in-house, too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the limit on Apple Pay?

So far, there is no limit on how much one can pay in a transaction. However, some merchants and retailers might set their own limits.

How safe is Apple Pay?

Transactions done using Apple Pay are secure and safe from cyber attacks.

Who can use Apple Pay?

Anyone with an iOS device is able to use the Apple Pay app for transactions.

What is Apple Pay?

E-wallet for iOS device by APPLE. Making payments easy and cashless.

Which card can I use at Apple Pay?

Both credit cards and debit cards can be used with Apple Pay App.

Can transactions made using Apple Pay be tracked?

Yes, the transaction statements can be tracked by simply logging in to your e-wallet account, or you can also track the transaction by logging in to your bank online account.

Conclusion on Apple Pay NZ Casinos

With the goal to provide the best services to its users, this cutting-edge innovation of e-wallet by Apple Inc. is here to stay and to get better and expand its usage and service around the world.

 It is not only easy to set up an account to use the Apple Pay App, but it is also instant and secure, giving you all the more reason to hook yourself up with this mode of payment. The Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and Apple Inc. make it easy to make payments just by tapping the iOS device on the contactless reader or the QR code.

You can easily use the e-wallet Apple Pay app to make payments from your iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, and iPad. It is super convenient and easy, with efficient results and services for the users to experience and enjoy thoroughly.

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