The spotlight on sustainability is getting brighter every day, and consumers are more aware than ever of how their favourite products are produced – and how their favourite brands impact the environment.

At DB, our goal is to create a supply chain that both we, and our customers, can be proud of. A supply chain that supports local communities, reduces our environmental footprint, and consistently delivers the quality products the Kiwi beer and cider drinkers know and love us for.

We work closely with our suppliers to make sure they meet the HEINEKEN Supplier Code. And if anything’s not up to scratch, we provide the support they need to improve. Our supplier relationships are key to the success and sustainability of our business.

We aim to source locally where we can, which means we’ve worked in partnership with New Zealand grain and hop growers for years. Our long-standing relationships with local grain growers in particular is an example of our commitment to supporting and working closely with local suppliers for mutual benefit.

Our approach

Our key to sourcing sustainably is through the HEINEKEN Supplier Code. The code outlines our expectations of suppliers in three key areas:

  • integrity and business conduct (legal compliance, conflicts of interest, and confidentiality)
  • human rights (safe work practices, fair treatment, equal opportunity, no child or forced labour, and values associated with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Core Conventions of the International Labour Organization)
  • environment (resource efficiency, reducing environmental impact and the use of environmentally friendly technologies)

The HEINEKEN Supplier Code involves a four-stage programme of signing, risk analysis, monitoring and auditing.

If a supplier could be high-risk, we ask a third-party service called Ecovadis to do an independent assessment. Ecovadis is an internationally-recognised, collaborative platform that determines supplier sustainability ratings for global supply chains – so by working with Ecovadis-approved suppliers, we know we’re working with people who have the same sustainability goals as we do.

Our key targets and performance

In 2017, DB worked with 1,535 suppliers. Based on our top 100 suppliers, 96% of our procurement budget was spent in New Zealand – and more than 98% of our suppliers have signed up to the Heineken Supplier Code.

Key measures 2020 target 2017 2016 2015
Number of suppliers n/a 1,535 1,327 1,663
% local (NZ) suppliers by spend 96% 96% 90% 87%
% suppliers signed up to Supplier Code 100% 98% 100% 100%
Ecovadis assessments of potential high risk suppliers 0 5 3 0
Suppliers declining participation in Ecovadis assessment 0 0 1 0
Suppliers exited due to declining participation in Ecovadis assessment 0 0 1 0
Suppliers requiring action plan due to confirmed high risk 0 0 0 0

Looking ahead

There are always ways to improve our supply chain. So we’re continuing to seek out the best end-to-end solutions with our suppliers, and explore new ways to build on our social impact and reduce our environmental footprint.

Learn more

For an in-depth look at our priorities and progress around sourcing sustainably, have a read of our 2017 sustainability report